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Persistent Systems posted strong growth: 20.3% year-over-year for the fourth quarter and 12.9% in fiscal year 21.

Santa Clara, California, and Pune, India, Jan. It records 4.6% growth compared to the previous quarter in the previous quarter

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Persistent Systems (BSE: PERSISTENT) (NSE: PERSISTENT) announced the company’s audited financial results for the quarter ended March 31, 2021, which were approved by the Board of Directors.

Consolidated financial metrics for the fiscal year 2020-2021

Growth in fiscal year 2020 year on year
Revenue ($ million) 501.61 566.08 12.9%
Income (Million Indian Rupees) 35,658.08 41,878.88 17.4%
EBITDA (Million Indian Rupees) 4,929.54 6,830.15 38.6%
PBT (Million Indian Rupees) 4,523.42 6,094.43 34.7%
BAT (Million Indian Rupees) 3,402.89 4,506.77 32.4%

Consolidated Financial Procedures for the Quarter Ended March 31, 2021:

Q4GJ21 growth year on year growth year on year

Income (152.82 million 4.6% 20.3%)
American dollar)

Income (11,133.58 million 3.5% 20.2%)

EBITDA (Million Indian Rupees) 1,883.29 3.2% 47.5%

PBT (Million Indian Rupees) 1,488.78% 12.0 63.5%

BAT (Million Indian Rupees) 1,377.59 13.9% 64.3%

In its meeting on April 29, 2021, the Board of Directors decided to distribute a final dividend of INR 6.00 per share (face value INR 10.00). In January 2021, the Board of Directors has already decided to distribute an interim dividend of INR 14.00 per share, bringing the total dividend payout of INR 20.00 per share. The profits recommended by the Board of Directors are subject to the approval of the members at the following general meeting.

Anand Deshpande, Founder, Chairman and Managing Director, Persistent Systems:

“This has been a difficult year. We pray from the bottom of our hearts that everyone is fine. The pandemic has led to a rapid shift to remote work and I want to show the resilience of our employees. They have consistently provided high quality service and with it our unrelenting commitment to prove by our customers. We thank our customers and partners. For their continued support. “

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Sandeep Kalra, CEO and CEO of von Persistent Systems:

“We are excited to end Fiscal Year 21 with double-digit growth in both revenue and earnings per share. Our performance is evidence that Persistent’s core competencies in digital engineering meet the needs of our clients who are in the next phase. We are confident that the enhancement of the leadership team and ecosystem will continue. Our partner and operational excellence in achieving success for us. The Persistent Foundation continues to support global COVID relief efforts and we will serve our people during these difficult times. “

New customers and results in the last quarter of FY 21

Software, high technology, and emerging industries

  • Engineering partnership and GTM for a portfolio of security products for a leading international technology provider
  • Establishing a center of excellence for a leading provider of low-code technologies to enable the transformation of their customers in the BFSI and HLS sectors
  • Manage IT operations from start to finish using the continuous intelligent operations of a leading US marketing and event management company

Banking, financial and insurance services

  • Developing a digital loan portal and updating the payment platform for the commercial group of the 5 largest US banks
  • Migrate critical data to the AWS Cloud through Fortune 25 Independent Financial Services Provider Consumer Offer integrations
  • Development of Salesforce-based digital consumer credit platforms for two of the leading Indian banks

Healthcare and Life Sciences

  • Provides smart visualization and BI dashboard for COVID-19 vaccine delivery to a leading cold chain supplier
  • Develop a digital front door and patient experience solution with integration into electronic medical records systems and patient portals for a leading US healthcare system
  • Implement a company-wide legacy retrofit program using MuleSoft and automation for a leading clinical research firm

Partner ecosystem

Recognition and awards from analytics companies

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Continuous Systems (BSE: PERSISTENT) (NSE: PERSISTENT) is a global provider of services and solutions providing digital business acceleration and corporate modernization and has over 13,500 employees worldwide.

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