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Personality test: What kind of person are you?

Personality test: What kind of person are you?

No one is better or worse than another just because they do things a certain way. In this case there is no right or wrong.

But it’s amazing that there are people who never eat pizza crust and those who eat everything. There is nothing in between. It seems to be a matter of faith. This is what makes it so awesome.

Because no matter where you come from, what religion you are and what language you speak – it’s the little everyday things that still connect you. Or, more precisely: who divides our world into two teams. You can find out which team you belong to with our personality test. I listen!

Take the personality test here:

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Personality test: two types of people

The illustrations from our test are by Joao Rocha. in his blog The artist meticulously dealt with these little things of everyday life. Incidentally, the idea for “Two Kinds of People” came about when his wife explained to him that he had to fold the laundry differently in the closet.

That was the beginning of his illustrations, which really make you smile. Everyday situations that we all do in a special way. Whether it is a question of how to arrange your books in the closet or a question of how to eat a piece of chocolate.

We are curious which team you belong to. Feel free to share the result with us on Facebook or Instagram. We always look forward to hearing from you!

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