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Petition to fire kicker Harrison Butker

Petition to fire kicker Harrison Butker

After Harrison Butker made a speech with controversial statements, several thousand fans are now demanding his dismissal from the Kansas City Chiefs.

Kansas City Chiefs player Harrison Butker gave a speech this week at Benedictine College, a strictly Catholic school near Kansas City.

There he spoke out against a diverse society. He described social processes as a “tyranny of inclusion,” attending Pride events was a “deadly sin,” and women’s calling was to be “housewives and mothers.” You should not allow yourself to be robbed of your masculinity.

There is now a petition on calling for the three-time Super Bowl champion to be fired and has already received more than 30,000 signatures. However, it remains to be seen how promising this petition is.

The NFL itself has already spoken out and clearly distinguished itself from player statements. “Harrison Butker made this speech on his behalf, not on behalf of the NFL,” a People magazine spokesperson said.

“These opinions are not those of the NFL or the Kansas City Chiefs. We are committed to our roadmap to promote inclusion and diversity. This is the only way our league will get stronger.”

Following the multiple arrests of wide receiver Rashie Rice, this is the second offseason youth scandal for the Kansas City Chiefs.

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