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Photographer defends calendar featuring fake 'sexy priests'

Photographer defends calendar featuring fake 'sexy priests'

“Calendario Romano” has been published in Italy for 20 years. Now his photographer is responding to criticism.

According to Cathebris, the famous calendar illustrator with young Roman priests defends his product against critics. Piero Pazzi told the Milan newspaper Corriere della Sera (Friday edition) that it is true that not all of the twelve models – one for each month – are real Catholic priests. It is left to the eye of the beholder to judge.

The 65-year-old asked: “How many times did Titian and Tiepolo see the Mother of God, and how many paintings of the Virgin did they paint?” “This is irrelevant.” The photographer emphasizes that he has not received any criticism from real clergy. The photographer said that the wife of a Protestant pastor used to receive it every year as a gift for her husband.

The “Calendario Romano” is a popular souvenir from Italy. It was published twenty years ago, and many stalls are still afloat with it (and other touring knick-knacks). Each month features a black and white photo of a young man dressed as a priest. It is a commercial product – and church institutions are not involved.

Young priests as an incentive for the future

Young people are depicted in the calendar because they have a presence aimed at the future. “If you put an older priest in it, you might think it's something that's declining,” he said.

Pazzi explained that he also chose the idea of ​​a Catholic priest because tourists associate clergy with Baroque Rome: “Italians don't care about them: they're used to living with priests.” But it runs two cat museums. (APA/Ed.)

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