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Pielachtal - From tractor to sewing machine

Pielachtal – From tractor to sewing machine

If someone needs expert advice on anything to do with agricultural technology or sewing machines, there is the right contact at Kirchberg: Eber-hart Landtechnik. The field of activity includes the sale and repair of agricultural, forestry and gardening equipment, as well as sewing machines.

Herbert and Herma Eberhart started a successful family business. In 1961 they opened a company for agricultural machinery. At that time, the Eberhart company was located in Melkerstrasse in Kirchberg. The 1966 and 1967 years brought significant changes, and the new headquarters of the company was built. Three years later, in 1970, an exhibition hall was added.

Kirchberger cooperates with India

“In 1975 our corporate headquarters was expanded to include a parts warehouse and in 1980 a sewing machine shop,” says company president Herbert Eberhart. This was the wish of his grandmother Hirma, who developed into a true expert when it came to all kinds of sewing machines. “The sewing machine business is booming. But we only have high-quality Bernina sewing machines,” says his wife, Theresa Eberhart. Eberhart provides services for the entire product range. For this purpose, it has been expanded: last added in 1998 with the new workshop and offices.

The demand for agricultural equipment is increasing. Eberharts knows that “delivery issues don’t always make work easy, even in the sewing machine area.” At the 2011 indoor exhibition, the company celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. “Our clients mainly come from Pielachtal and the surrounding areas,” says Herbert Eberhart. In the past, the company was often present at the Wieselburg trade fair. On April 1, 2022, the work was handed over to Herbert Eberhart and his wife, Teresa.

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Landtechnik Eberhart is known worldwide. The company cooperates with Solis Traktoren. The Indian company, also family-run, builds about 80 thousand mini-tractors annually.

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