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Pietro Lombardi lives in the hotel and leaves his home for flood victims

Pietro Lombardi lives in the hotel and leaves his home for flood victims

The singer’s friends lost everything during the flood disaster, and since then they have been allowed to stay in his new luxury villa.

new home
In April 2021, Pietro Lombardi bought a new luxury house of 300 square meters and gave an exclusive tour of the room on his Instagram account. Using his elevator, go from one floor to another So, to the delight of all the fans. But for a long time they had nothing from the video: while detoxing his smartphone, the former winner of Deutschland sucht den Superstar deleted all posts on his profile. Previously, fans uploaded the coup to the network again:

But the singer doesn’t seem really happy. A while ago, he explained on “Leeroy’s Podcast” that he wasn’t always the happy Petro that we knew from the network.

“I’m young, I want to put a smile on people’s faces. But I’ll tell you frankly: When I close the door in the house, I feel lonely. Do you understand what I mean? I have my son twice a week, I am successful, yes, I have money, I have a nice car, but in The truth is I’m completely alone.”

Flood victims live at home
In July 2021, Pietro also canceled his subscription from all social networks, took a deep breath for two months and spoke to all his fans again on Thursday, September 16. In line with that, he posted an incredibly tearful video and explained that he had not only been living in the hotel for three months, but had left his new property to his friends, who had lost their homes in the flood disaster.

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“Who wants to live in a hotel with his three kids, six, seven, eight months? It’s torture, the kids break,” Lombardi explained. My house is completely finished. Before you live in the hotel, go to my house with your family, feel at home, go to the hotel. Now I’ve been living in the hotel for two months.”

when Lombardy By the way, he is not interested in living in his house again at the moment. The only thing that matters to the musician is to live without pain and hope that this will help his friends and three children out of their predicament.