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'Planet 9' can be found soon

‘Planet 9’ can be found soon

Since 2016, it has become clear that there may be a ninth planet orbiting the sun – no one has found “Planet 9” yet. But this could soon change.

The basics in brief

  • There may be a ninth planet orbiting the sun.
  • Now the orbit and mass of the planet have been calculated.
  • So it will soon be found with the telescope.

The eight planets Mercury and Venus revolve around our Sun EarthMars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. But as it was discovered in 2016, a ninth planet could orbit our sun.

Michael E. Brown of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena participated in the “box” of the so-called “Planet 9”. Researchers can orbitals of certain objects in the Kuiper belt Beyond Neptune does not explain. This led them to the conclusion that another planet affecting the orbit of these bodies must exist.

new insights

Since then, attempts have been made to see “Planet 9” to no avail. But we are on the planet’s trail.

It was Michael E. Brown has been able to do some work over the years data from “Planet 9” and thus calculate the mass and orbit fairly accurately. So the planet around it 6.2 times the mass The Earth. In addition, the planet is about 56847190866 kilometers from Earth Removal.

Now the ninth planet must be found. How long will it take?

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