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“Play Fair Code”: mandatory workshops for the top 50 players of ÖTV

“Play Fair Code”: mandatory workshops for the top 50 players of ÖTV

Athletes should be trained on the topics of match fixing and betting fraud.

Fighting match-fixing and betting fraud! Starting in 2024, all ÖTV top 50 players will have to attend an online workshop called “Play Fair Code”. This is mandatory for all athletes who appear in the top 50 in the ÖTV General Category Rankings in January. Three different appointment options are offered. The workshop must be completed before the win2day ÖTV National Championship (from June 29 to July 7, 2024 in Oberbollendorf), otherwise players will not be allowed to participate in the championship or other tournaments in Austria from this moment on.

It is very important to the Austrian Tennis Federation that all players are well informed on the topics of match-fixing and betting fraud, and know when to punish something and how to deal with certain situations. ÖTV President Martin Ohneberg recently made this abundantly clear: “As a signatory of the Fair Play Act, the Austrian Tennis Association is very committed to sports competitions without match-fixing and betting fraud. As a competitive, high-performance athlete, it is more important now than ever to “It is important to be well informed of the latest developments and requirements in this field and to know how best to act in any situations. Therefore, we would like to ask all players to take this issue seriously.”

Raising awareness together: important preventative action

“Fair Play Code” is an Austrian association for maintaining integrity in sports. The club's goal is to achieve sporting competitions free of match-fixing and betting fraud through prevention and awareness. ÖTV is not only a signatory of the Fair Play Rules, but is also prominently represented by ÖTV Chairman Ohneberg as a full member and ÖTV Managing Director Thomas Schweda as a member of the Board of Directors. “The joint initiative with the Fair Play Law is trying very early on to address the problems of match-fixing and betting fraud and to educate and train players on these topics,” Schweda stressed. “The ‘Rules of Fair Play’ team including General Manager Severin Moritzer is very committed to this, and the cooperation with ÖTV is working very well here,” said Schweda happily. In addition to Ohneberg and Schweda, Georg Wawer, Managing Director of ÖTV's main sponsor win2day, is also a full member of the “Play Fair Code” and is also strongly committed to the fight against match-fixing and betting fraud.

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