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PlayStation Plus: Includes blockbuster movies and bonuses – essential games for May

PlayStation Plus: Includes blockbuster movies and bonuses – essential games for May

Sony announced the PlayStation Plus Essential lineup in May. There's a famous movie waiting for you and as a bonus there's another add-on in addition to the regular three full versions.

May has arrived and with it comes a new batch of games on PlayStation Plus Essential, which all subscribers to Sony's online service can take advantage of once again. Not only is Sony putting together the usual three sets of complete releases for this wonderful month, they're also putting together bonus extras – but one at a time.

Starting May 7, 2024, in the new week, you can secure new free games, which include a real title. The headline of the new squad is long-term football success EA Sports FC 24 From Electronic Arts, which you can get for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in the standard edition. And you know: if you use a base PS Plus game once, you can keep it permanently – unlike the offer found on the PS Plus Extra and Premium game subscription.

Anyone who can't do much with the round skin despite the approaching European Football Championship in Germany will also be provided with other attractive items for the games. You can also play the post-apocalyptic Cyberpunk sequel on PlayStation 5 Ghost runner 2 Games that provide you with an immersive, action-packed first-person experience. A lot has changed compared to the first part, so you can expect non-linear levels, combat improvements, complex motorcycle sequences and more.

The full version #3 is Cover up For PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. In this popular indie game, you can explore a hostile world filled with mysterious forests, ruins and catacombs. In the isometric adventure, you have to find hidden treasures and fight huge monsters.

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Normally this would be the end of a new lineup, but this time there's a bonus for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles. Add-on Destiny 2: Fall of Light As for Bungie's sci-fi epic, it's also part of the show; The prerequisite for this is that you own the main game Destiny 2, but it can be downloaded for free from the PlayStation Store.

And: In line with the EA Sports FC 24 promotion, there will also be an Ultimate Team Starter Pack as a bonus for PS Plus subscribers in May, which includes 11 untradeable players rated 82 or above plus a seven-game loan player icon.

You can still secure games from April's PS Plus Essential lineup until May 6.

EA Sports FC 24 – UEFA Euro 2024 announcement trailer

With the update, the UEFA Euro 2024 tournament in Germany has also been realistically depicted in the current EA Sports FC 24.