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Pokémon GO rewards players with a Hyper Bonus – which mysterious monster is coming?

Pokémon GO rewards players with a Hyper Bonus – which mysterious monster is coming?

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GO Fest in Pokémon GO is over. A great bonus awaits players after the weekend. Excessive reward is expected. But what will it be?

Hamburg – GO Fest 2023 took place this past weekend in Pokémon GO. Players from all over the world can participate in this event. And as in every year, there is a reward waiting for the players. Niantic has already announced on X that the Hyper Bonus has been unlocked. Also, another interesting thing has been hinted at by the developer. What can players look forward to?

The name of the game pokemon go
Version (date first published) 06 July 2016
Publishers Niantic
series Pokemon
platforms Android, iOS
Developer Niantic
Type Augmented reality, mobile

Pokémon GO – What can players expect from Hyper Bonus?

Here’s what Niantic announces: Pokémon GO’s official Twitter profile, Now X, congratulated the players. The coaches did well, completing 20 global challenges together. The post states that the super bonus has been unlocked. One should keep one’s eyes open for more details. Naturally, many players are wondering when the bonus will come and, first of all, what will it be?

This reward could be: The official Pokémon GO gave players a little sneak peek. In the post, you can see a GIF where the silhouette of the monster can be seen. Pokemon reminds us of an ostrich or something that looks like a bird. Some fans couldn’t help but post pictures of the birds under the post. Others have reason to be happy.

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This is possibly the ninth generation of Pokémon Bailonda. It was previously announced earlier that Pokémon from the Paldea region would find their way into the game: Pokémon GO: 9th Generation announced – 3 powerful attackers are coming. In addition to Baelunda, starters Skylocroc and Maskagato are also likely to be involved. It remains to be seen whether this is ultimately an overabundance. Niantic itself keeps a low profile and doesn’t reveal much.

Pokémon GO: What have players been getting up to in recent years?

As always: In addition to the special quest with exclusive rewards, last year there was a meeting with Shimen in Zenith Form. Therefore, the assumption is that there will also be an encounter with a special monster this year. Rare Shinys were also part of the reward. You can find out how annoying losing Shiny can be here: Pokémon GO Trainer ‘More than frustrating’ – losing rare Shiny in the dumbest way

Pokémon GO: 5 really powerful Pokémon that we missed in the game © Nintendo / (Montage)

It is not officially clear when players will receive the hyper bonus. Fans expect that to happen soon. If you want to know more strange stories about Pokémon GO, take a look here: Pokémon GO: Trainer finds an unknown monster in the arena – it’s called Typeriotrum