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Poland defends Hungary's law on homosexuality

Poland defends Hungary’s law on homosexuality

The Polish ambassador in Berlin, Andrzej Przybylski, defends the Hungarian government against European criticism of the law dealing with homosexuality and transgender identity. “The right of the Hungarian Parliament to legally protect school children from being preoccupied with the LGBT problem is clear and indisputable,” Przybylski told the German Liberation Network (RND).

It has nothing to do with persecution.

This has nothing to do with bigotry, let alone the persecution of homosexuals or the restriction of their civil rights. To his knowledge, the law is limited to school education, so its purpose is to protect children from early sexual exploitation. “I find the attempt to denounce the Hungarian people with the planned lighting of the Munich stadium during the football match between Germany and Hungary inappropriate and painful. Incidentally, the match between Germany and Hungary ended with a score of 2-2.

Illuminated in rainbow colors, the city of Munich wanted to protest the Hungarian law. But UEFA banned it. Colors are a sign of tolerance.

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