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Poland's conservative national coalition collapsed

Poland’s conservative national coalition collapsed

Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki (left) and Head of the Understanding Party Jaroslaw Gowen (second right) in Warsaw last September.
Photo: Reuters

Poland’s ruling coalition, led by the conservative nationalist Law and Justice party, collapsed. Prior to that, Prime Minister Morawiki dismissed the head of the Understanding Party from the position of Deputy Prime Minister.

DrPoland’s government coalition led by the conservative National Law and Justice (PiS) party has collapsed. One of PiS’s junior partners announced its withdrawal from the alliance on Tuesday. The Understanding Party responded to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki’s decision to dismiss its head, Jaroslav Goyen, from the position of Deputy Prime Minister.

“We leave the government with our heads held high,” he declared. go win. His dismissal marks the end of the “United Rights” coalition and “the rupture of the de facto ruling coalition”. In the past few months, tensions have risen between Gowen’s party and the PiS.

The occasion was, among other things, planned tax increases, which the deputy prime minister refused. Gwen also spoke out against a bill that would force US media group Discovery to sell a majority of its shares in private Polish broadcaster TVN.

After its junior partner withdrew, PiS now counts on the support of MPs from other right-wing parties. Government spokesman Peter Mueller said he did not believe the PiS government would lose its majority in the House of Representatives. “I am convinced that there are members of the European Parliament in the United Right and in the rest of the Polish parliament who will support the positive reforms that we are proposing,” he said.

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