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Police clubbing operation in Lützerath

Police clubbing operation in Lützerath

After the evacuation of the settlement of Luzerat in North Rhine-Westphalia, clashes renewed today between demonstrators and the police. Officials also used batons and pepper spray again. This was confirmed by a police spokesperson. Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, as one of many demonstrators, has now been hauled off the edge of the Garzweiler open pit mine demolition by police.

APA/AFP/Ina Fassbender

Police confirmed that Thunberg was part of the group that drove towards the ledge and was then stopped and carried away. The mine has a sharp edge, and staying in it is dangerous and forbidden. A dpa photographer observed that Thunberg was taken away by three police officers and fell after about 50 meters to perform an identification check. Some 60 to 70 activists had earlier sat near the edge of the demolition to take action in protest.

Police near Lützerath

IMAGO/Panama Pictures/Christoph Hardt

There were already clashes between police and protesters at a rally on Saturday when participants ran in the direction of the village of Lützerath, which has now been cordoned off.

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