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Police: Worst unrest in Northern Ireland for many years

Riots are on the rise in Northern Ireland, and police say they suspect paramilitary groups are involved. Now police fired bombs and a bus caught fire.


More than 50 police officers have been injured and ten arrested as a result of riots in several northern Irish cities over the past ten days. On Wednesday, a bus caught fire, a journalist was attacked and several police officers were attacked by fire bombs.

On Thursday, unrest continued with reports of new fire bombs against police AFP

Police are investigating whether the unrest could be linked to pro-British groups such as the UVF and the UDA. Armed conflict in the former Northern Ireland has killed more than 540 people in the years of terrorism and revenge, but dropped its weapons in 2009.

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Jonathan Roberts, assistant chief of the Northern Ireland Police Department, expressed concern after Thursday night’s riot, which continues now.

“The riots we saw yesterday were the worst we have seen in years in Belfast and Northern Ireland,” he said. BBC.

– He says we are very lucky to avoid anyone being injured or killed because of the high number of firebombs dropped.

Linked to Brexit

Although this has not yet happened, he expressed concern that weapons could be taken to the streets.

– When looking at the history of Northern Ireland, there is one thing we always have in mind.

The unrest is linked to friction between faith groups, namely groups that support Northern Ireland, the rest of the UK and various groups that want a united Ireland.

Brexit and the customs border in the Irish Sea have fueled the conflict. In addition, the violence of recent days has been linked to the failure to prosecute anyone who attended the funeral of a former IRA member in June 2020.

Funeral arrangements were in place but 2,000 people attended the funeral.

Up to 12 years old

The BBC writes that groups of people under the age of 12 have taken part in the violence, which has also taken place in the capital Belfast, Carrickfergus, Polymena and Newtownbay.

It was only on Wednesday that the conflict over what became known as the “Wall of Peace” west of Belfast intensified, dividing Protestant faith communities and Catholic nationalist communities seeking to see a united Ireland.

During a hours of silence when a gate was opened in the wall, several police officers were injured and a newspaper photographer was attacked.

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The unrest comes 23 years after the peace deal ended Northern Ireland’s civil war, also known as the “problems”. More than 3,500 people were killed in the 30-year conflict.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called for a boycott of Northern Ireland.

– I am deeply concerned about the scenes of violence in Northern Ireland, especially the attacks on the police protecting the public and businesses, the attacks on the bus and the attack on a journalist. He writes on Twitter that the way to resolve conflict is through dialogue and not violence and crime.

The Guardian writes that the White House should also leave and remain silent.

– We are concerned about the violence in Northern Ireland, says Press Secretary Jen Zaki, and Fiden’s support for peace in the country.