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Politics – US elects new parliament, Biden threatens to lose majority

Politics – US elects new parliament, Biden threatens to lose majority

On Monday evening (local time), Biden was scheduled to appear in Maryland at the end of a multi-day campaign tour of several states. Former President Donald Trump wanted to address supporters in Ohio again.

If Democrats lose their majority in Congress, Republicans could largely block Biden’s policies until the next presidential election in November 2024. According to polls, the House of Representatives is likely to go Republican. On the other hand, in the Senate, a much tighter contest is expected. Biden has repeatedly warned against Republican candidates who openly question or deny election results. “I am not kidding with these election deniers. They have only two election outcomes: either they win or they are cheated,” he said on Sunday evening.

Republican Kevin McCarthy announced in an interview with CNN that he will introduce a border control bill after the election. He has a good chance of succeeding Democrat Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. His party also wants to use investigative committees to scrutinize the policies of the Biden administration. McCarthy cited last year’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan as an example.

In the US state of Florida, there was a showdown of sorts over the weekend between the 2024 Republican candidates. Former President Trump, who was voted out of office, repeated the story of the stolen 2020 election to the cheers of his supporters. Again hinting at another application in 2024. Notably, Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis did not attend the rally.

At the start of the rally, Trump called on his supporters to confirm DeSantis in office — but he left warm words for DeSantis’ other party colleagues, such as an election recommendation. In an appearance that lasted more than an hour and a half, Trump again did not mention the 44-year-old.

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DeSantis, who wants to be sworn in as Trump’s strongest internal challenger in the 2024 election, has a good chance of defending his governorship this Tuesday. Neither has yet announced their candidacy — at least Trump’s announcement is expected after the “midterms.”