Is Congress Looking To Tie Up With Old Ally NCP In Maharashtra?

After organizing caste based riot in Maharashtra, Congress is trying to reshuffle their strategy in Maharashtra after they were heavily criticised in the state. In a bid to strengthen their base in the state, Congress is now looking forward to reuniting with Sharad Pawar’s NCP, with whom they have shared mixed experience in all these years.

While rolling out six months long Parivartan Yatra across the state, President of Maharashtra Congress unit Ashok Chavan said,”If there is any need for a coalition with the NCP in the present context, there is no problem in joining hands with them… if it is a win-win for both the parties. An alliance can happen only if it is a win-win for both, if the coalition is advantageous only to the NCP and not to the Congress, then it won’t happen.”

The Congress and NCP alliance broke down during the 2014 Assembly polls in which the Congress fared badly. There was some sort of apprehension that Shiv Sena and BJP are going to part ways but that they didn’t happen ultimately. In fact, the popular aspiration that BJP and NCP will come together also didn’t materialize. Thus in such a scenario, Congress is certainly looking forward to reuniting with old warhorse Sharad Pawar and NCP.

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