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Poll exit: FIDESZ leads in Hungary elections

In the Hungarian parliamentary elections, shortly after polls closed at 7 pm, there are signs that the ruling party Fidesz will take the lead. This was the result of a poll conducted by the Median Institute after the elections, as reported by Hungarian State TV this evening.

Accordingly, Fidesz gets 121 seats and the opposition coalition gets 77 out of 199 seats in Parliament. In doing so, FIDESZ would win for the fourth time in a row, but this time missed by a two-thirds majority.

Gelegs (ORF) on the popularity of Urban

Ernst Gillegs comments on the causes of Viktor Orbán’s string of electoral victories and tries to look forward to how Hungary’s relationship with the European Union will develop after the elections.

According to this poll, published by the private television station RTL Club, neither the far-right party “May Hazan” (Our Home) nor the Cynic Tailed Dog Party (MKKP) will be able to enter Parliament. The missing person out of 199 representatives of the German-speaking minority, who has always voted with Fidesz in previous years, will be seated.

According to the Electoral Authority (NVI), the turnout at 6:30 p.m. was 67.8 percent, just below the values ​​of the past four years. Overall, it is likely the third highest participation since 1990, after 2002 (70.53%) and 2018 (70.22%).

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