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Poll: Satisfaction with life is highest in Hamburg

Poll: Satisfaction with life is highest in Hamburg

Hamburgers consider themselves the happiest residents of the city. As shown by the so-called SKL happiness atlas, the Hanseatic League leads the list of twelve major cities in terms of life satisfaction with a score of 7.16 points.

Followed by Frankfurt am Main with 7.07 points and Munich with 6.90 points. At the bottom of the list of satisfaction with life came Bremen with a score of 6.50 points, Dresden with 6.49 points and Leipzig with 6.44 points.

Thus the extent of citizens’ happiness is strongly influenced by income satisfaction and the city’s valuation as a business location. The per capita GDP in Hamburg is €64,000, but in Leipzig at the bottom it’s only €38,000.

On behalf of the Süddeutsche Klassenlotterie, 3,001 people between the ages of 16 and 74 were surveyed in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Leipzig, Dresden, Hanover, Bremen and Essen from March 30 to April. twenty fourth. Respondents can give between zero and ten points. The higher the score, the greater the satisfaction.

According to the latest World Happiness Report, people in Finland are the happiest for the sixth year in a row. The global sense of happiness has remained constant despite the crises.

03/20/2023 | 00:20 min

People in Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich are characterized by above-average personal happiness values ​​and a high level of satisfaction with, for example, the workplace or public administration.

Berlin came fourth, somewhat “surprisingly” for the interviewers themselves, with a score of 6.88 on the satisfaction scale. Therefore, Berliners are very satisfied with their lives, their incomes, and their working lives, but not with what the city has to offer, especially the administration.

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03/20/2023 | 10:06 min

Hanover 6.75 points, Dusseldorf 6.69 points, Cologne 6.65 points, and Essen 6.63 points in the middle. Stuttgart surprised with a rather weak ninth place with a score of 6.54 points – and here the great dissatisfaction with the sense of synergy comes to the fore.

The last two places, Dresden and Leipzig, combine slightly older populations with relatively weak economic numbers. Unlike Berlin, people in Dresden tend not to be satisfied with their personal lives, but passionate about their city.