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Pop Party – Moore’s main and vocal force

Pop Party – Moore’s main and vocal force

You could also call it a sort of “bluebird in spring,” as the Vienna Songwriting Association (VSA) floods the House of Music with the first blow this coming Saturday. But it is better to be careful with this honorable designation and name, otherwise there is a risk of hypertrophy – and we are tired of it the way it is. That’s why the organizers prefer to call the one-day festival “Noise Thrilling” – because this name also has a tradition (from pre-pandemic times). Four bands and artists, all ‘home grown’ on the indie and alternative scene, take part in the evening.

Perhaps the most famous of these is the quartet, which has been around since 2011 Please, madam, augmented by several appearances, including FM4 Frequency (2018 and 2019) and as a supporter of acts like Hurts or Everything Everything. After their third album, Angry Boys, Angry Girls, released in 2021, they are currently working on new songs, some of which will be bursting through the senses at the festival.

Good Wilson It looks like they came from California or Tucson, AZ – yet they “only” come from Graz. It doesn’t matter, their folk-rock on the fun Big Mur also takes you on boundless sonic fantasy at its best – watch out for the name! The Beach Boys tradition.

Remains Cousins ​​like shit, and the two are true cousins, trying to do whatever is anti-honorable in their name, which often succeeds with much ambition. And Christian – an amazing name in itself, at least in this city/country, that the singer and audiovisual artist corresponds to in almost every way: it’s not just an amazing voice.

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