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Pop star Hino: inheritance dispute - Stars -

Pop star Hino: inheritance dispute – Stars –

Pop star Hino with his wife Hanilur.
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Hino wanted to adopt a married couple and then take them into consideration in the will. But it turned out to be different from what was expected, and now a mud battle is raging.

For 15 years, a married couple who were friends took care of Hino and his wife. Hino and Hanur had practically every desire to read from their lips. Then, however, a bad inheritance dispute broke out, as the now-pop star said. BACKGROUND: He even wanted to adopt the couple, who were now friends, so that they would be on par with the Ui son at will.

Video: That’s why Hino wanted the spouses to be included in the will

But his Austrian attorneys and manager, Helmut Werner, advised him not to do so. His ex-boyfriend thinks Hino is affected. But he confronted “the image”. Like my lawyer, he advised me. There can be no brainwashing issue. My wife, Hanilur, and I have all our mental powers. “

Heino has withdrawn adoption plans

Hino changed his mind and withdrew adoption plans. Like Bild, the former home worker is said to have written a letter to the pop star. In it, she left her disappointment with his decision wild and likening him to a horse. Today Hino is sure that the couple were only looking for their money.

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