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Pope after surgery: 'Weeds don't go away'

Pope after surgery: ‘Weeds don’t go away’

His operation was determined when the intestinal diverticulum had deteriorated. “Thank God, the situation was recognized in time,” the Pope joked. “It applies to me too, it applies to everyone,” Francis emphasized.

After the operation in July, he feels relief: “I can now eat everything that was previously impossible with diverticulosis,” Francis said in an interview broadcast on Wednesday with Spanish radio station Cope. “I’m still taking medication because the brain must first register that the intestine is 13 cm shorter.” “But I lead a completely normal life.”

A nurse in the Vatican gave him advice on bowel surgery. “He saved my life! He told me, ‘I have to have an operation.’ There were other opinions. He explained it to me very well. He’s a nurse from here, from our health service, from the Vatican Hospital. He’s been here for thirty years, and he’s a man.” He has a lot of experience. This is the second time in my life that a nurse has saved my life,” the Pope said.

In 1957, an Italian nun gave a young clinical scientist Jorge Bergoglio in Argentina more different medicines than the doctors prescribed. And with it you can cure him of pneumonia, Francis has said many times.

‘I didn’t think about quitting’

In an interview with Radio Cope, speculation was raised about the Pope’s health and even about his possible resignation. “When the Pope gets sick, there is a wind or a hurricane in the concave,” the 84-year-old joked. Francis says he never considered quitting. He underwent surgery on July 4 at Gemelli Hospital in Rome for a narrowing (stenosis) in the intestine due to inflammation in the intestinal wall. During this operation, part of the colon is removed. The Pope stayed in hospital ten days.

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In his latest appearance, Francis, who was setting off on a four-day trip to Budapest and Slovakia on September 12, has recovered, although he apologized for not participating in a meeting with Catholic parliamentarians last Friday at the start of his speech while standing. “I’m still post-surgery and have to talk while sitting. I’m sorry,” he said.