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Pope Francis against "abolition of culture"

Pope Francis against “abolition of culture”

Pope Francis She opposed increasing restrictions on freedom of expression. On Monday, at the New Year’s reception for ambassadors accredited to the Holy See, he said he saw a “culture of abolition” more and more permeating public spaces. In this context, he accused international organizations of “a form of ideological colonialism.”

Department head said catholic church. This leads to agendas that are “increasingly dictated by a way of thinking that denies the natural foundations of humanity and the cultural roots that shape the identity of many peoples”.

In the name of protecting diversity, any kind of identity is erased, Francis criticized. He sees the danger of silencing reasonable situations. One is in the process of developing “a unified thinking that forces one to deny history, or worse, rewrite it on the basis of contemporary sayings, while each historical situation must be interpreted according to the interpretation of its own time.”

According to the Pope, multilateral diplomacy should be “truly comprehensive, not erasing but strengthening the diversity and historical sensibilities that characterize different peoples.” In this way, it will regain its credibility and efficiency to face the challenges ahead.

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