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Pope Prayer Network: The first duty of a Christian is to pray

Pope Prayer Network: The first duty of a Christian is to pray

Pope Francis thanked the members of the Global Prayer Network for their work. The Pope told the initiative delegation, which he received on Friday, that apostolic services, too, would become mere work if they were carried out without prayer.

Francis stressed that he appreciated their work, which was “ecclesiastical” and which originated in the Jesuit order: “In the apostolic work of the believer, the deacon, the priest, the consecrated, the bishop, if it is well carried out one feels strongly the need for prayer and intercession. Apostolic work alone, without “Prayer becomes just work.”

Francis said that what gives the apostolic meaning is prayer. He himself was always influenced by Peter’s reminder to the apostles that their first task was to pray and proclaim the Word: “This means that the bishop’s first duty is to pray. The first duty of a Christian is to pray. the prayer. Otherwise we risk becoming a purely natural secular institution. Or to a political institution. “For this reason I thank you for what you do to support this sacrament of prayer in the Church, among all lay people and also among consecrated persons.”

Global network

“Marka”The Pope's Global Prayer Network” It includes millions of Catholics in 89 countries. It was founded in 1844 under the name “Apostolic Prayer”. In December 2020, the Pope established this papal work as a Vatican Foundation and approved its new statute. The international director is the Jesuit Frédéric Fornos. The network is also responsible for monthly videos about The Pope's Current Prayer Intentions The project is supported by donations that can be made through The Pope Video website.

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