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Pope: The Church is sometimes too busy with itself

Pope: The Church is sometimes too busy with itself

In a world dominated by a culture of possession and efficiency, we all need to make room for gratitude, praise, and awe for God's grace. This was confirmed by Pope Francis, this Saturday morning, during a meeting with the “National Council for Renewal in the Holy Spirit.”

Mario Galgano – Vatican City

Behind the National Council for Renewal in the Holy Spirit stand the leaders of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. The “Charismatic Renewal” is seen in the Catholic Church as a path to a new evangelization. It is attributed to “ecclesiastical movements.” First, the Pope thanked all those who strengthen communities of renewal “among God’s holy and faithful People” and “promote a simple and joyful spirituality.” He particularly emphasized two important aspects: the service of prayer, especially worship, and the service of evangelization. So prayer and evangelization, as Francis explained:

“The Holy Spirit, whom we receive into our hearts and lives, cannot help but open, move and generate; The Spirit is always urging us to proclaim the Gospel and go out, and He does so with His inexhaustible potential. We must be obedient and cooperate with Him, as the Book of Acts tells us about Stephen, Philip, Barnabas, Peter, Paul, and others. They had no instruction manual on how to act: the Holy Spirit led them, and they did many great things.

Audience in the Vatican

A space for gratitude, praise and awe

In a Church that is sometimes too busy organizing itself, we all need to make room for gratitude, praise and reverence for God's grace, the Pope said. He himself admitted that he had a “special history” with the charismatic movements in the Catholic Church:

“At first I didn’t like the movement, I said it was the samba school…”

“At first I did not like the movement, I said it was a Samba school and not a church movement. Then, as archbishop, I saw how they worked, how they filled the cathedral at meetings, and I began to really appreciate this movement. They continued, but not as a Samba school, but as an church movement !

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What is the use of long prayers and many beautiful songs for people if one does not know how to be patient with one’s neighbor, if one does not know how to be close to one’s mother who is alone:

“I am angry at the men and women who stay at home with their parents and do not visit them – or at the person who is in trouble… Concrete love and hidden service are always the direction of our proclamation: words, gestures, songs. Without a concrete sense of love, it simply will not work.

(Vatican News)

Audience in the Vatican

Audience in the Vatican