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Pope warns of 'obsession with eternal youth'

Pope warns of ‘obsession with eternal youth’

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“A lot is being done to restore youth: a lot of tricks, a lot of surgeries to look young,” he said.

Pope Francis warned the general public on Wednesday against the “obsession of eternal youth”. “There is no denying that confusing the two sides – confusing luxury with feeding the myth of eternal youth – throws us into a certain mental confusion,” the pope said.

“a lot of tricks”

“A lot is being done to restore youth: many tricks, many surgeries to look young,” the Pope said. Remember the words of the Italian actress Anna Magnani (1908-1973), who saw wrinkles as a symbol of experience. Magnani explained that wrinkles are a symbol of life, a symbol of maturity and a symbol of taking a journey.

We’re going toward immortality.”

Mortal life is “something beautiful and unfinished,” like some works of art that have a unique allure precisely in their imperfections. “Aging is a condition that many of us are given (…) we are heading toward eternity. The old man is moving forward toward his goal, the Heaven of God. So old age is a special time to look into the future from the technocratic illusion of biological and robotic survival,” the Pope said.

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