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Portrait – “Single Girl Show” from Veetra for USA

Julia Winkler has been active in focusing on her training since her school days. Born in Vaitra, he recently returned from a six-month professional stay in the United States. A few years ago, her studies took her to Upper Austria, and now she has found a home there. The 27-year-old said, “I already know a lot of things and I know I can look professional.

Stay away from the classic path

After graduating from high school, Julia Winkler went to Steer to study production and management, where she wanted to learn how industrial companies work – and she wanted a mix of business and technology. “It was clear to me that I did not want to go down the classic path of HAK and the University of Business, but I wanted to think outside the box,” he says. She was so interested in what she learned that she added a master’s degree in the same field.

Eventually he came to MIBA, the top Austrian company in Laakirchen. Commercial areas are mostly in the automotive sector, with locations such as India, Brazil and the United States. Julia Winkler works in purchasing, but is also involved in digitalization, process and project management.

A special experience began in August

“They said: Julia, co-worker is pregnant, can you imagine doing that for a few months?” – i.e. working at the McConnelsville site in the US state of Ohio. Julia Winkler admits: “I bought a plant with 180 employees as a female show,” she says: “America was a great experience, but also a challenge – I grew up.”

Recently we returned home. For Wingler, the house is now Kmundon. There are still visits to Vidra: “There will always be contacts with family and friends,” he says. She does not dare to evaluate what is in front of her professionally. But: even beyond a general understanding of economic relations, she was able to take a lot of further training and work from the Business Academy. “While some of the lessons are less interesting, looking back I’m glad I learned it,” she smiles.

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So far, she’s a lot better, and sometimes you have to try something, says Julia Winkler: “On the other hand, dedication and digging are important.”