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Press statements about Italy’s absence from the World Cup qualifiers after the Belfast disaster: “Back to Hell”

Press statements about Italy’s absence from the World Cup qualifiers after the Belfast disaster: “Back to Hell”

The Swiss celebrate their fifth consecutive World Cup appearance. The press cheers for the Swiss: “World Cup, World Cup, we’re going to the World Cup!”

The Italians, on the other hand, are shivering after the ’embarrassment in Belfast’ about the World Cup in Qatar and will have to start the grueling path through the play-off games in the spring.

Italian media criticized Roberto Mancini’s team, describing the zero in Belfast as a “disappointment”. But the international press is also surprised by the “disaster” of the European champions. The four-time world champion had already missed qualifying in Russia in 2018.

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Italy has disastrous memories of the play-offs: four years ago the Azzurri failed against the Swedes. In light of this, “Ace” headlines: “Italy will return to Hell!”

Press comments on the scene in Group C:

Press reviews from Italy

Gazzetta dello Sport: “Italy, what a disappointment! 0-0 in Northern Ireland and moving on to the play-offs. Italy in Belfast is lackluster and rarely dangerous: Switzerland qualify directly for the World Cup.”

Corriere della Sera: “The biggest disappointment: the Azzurri have to go to the play-offs to win a World Cup ticket.”

All sports: “What a disappointment! Italy has to play the play-offs: only one draw against Northern Ireland.”

Corriere dello Sport: “Disappointing for Italy, not the World Cup: you need play-offs to qualify. Only a draw in Northern Ireland! Italy says goodbye to direct qualification. Mancini can’t get past the draw.”

Press articles from Switzerland

Opinion: “World Cup, World Cup, we are going to the World Cup: the great Natty sends Italy to the playoffs! World Cup party in Lucerne! After the 4-0 win over Bulgaria, the team goes to the World Cup and sends the European champions in the play-off games.”

Today’s pointer: “What a celebration! The Swiss are going to the World Cup: Switzerland beat Bulgaria 4-0 and go to Qatar in 2022. European champions Italy stumble in Belfast and have to go to the play-off.”

Lucerne newspaper: “Switzerland finished Bulgaria 4-0, and after Italy’s draw, it went straight to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.”

The Geneva Tribune: “Switzerland is going to the World Cup. Half the time is unlucky and a dream.”

Morning: “Colossal! Switzerland gets a World Cup ticket.”

the time: “Mission accomplished! Switzerland will qualify for the 2022 World Cup.”

Switzerland qualified for the 2022 World Cup

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Press reviews from Spain

as: “Italy will go back to hell! The European champions didn’t get past 0-0 in Northern Ireland. Switzerland’s victory over Bulgaria pushed them to the play-offs as in 2017.”

Sports World: “The Italian team is not doing their homework against Northern Ireland. The Swiss are heading straight to the World Cup.”

Press reviews from Germany

picture: “An embarrassment in Belfast! Italy should shiver from the World Cup: Switzerland and England in Qatar.”

kicker: Continents defeat European champions Italy in a distant duel: thanks to a 4-0 win over Bulgaria: Switzerland qualify directly for the World Cup.

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Sports 1: “Italy is embarrassing! Switzerland goes to the World Cup: an abrupt end to the World Cup qualifiers in Group C: Italy can’t get past a draw in Northern Ireland. Switzerland is the benefactor.”

Press reviews from England

daily Mail: “A disaster for Italy! The European champions should go to the play-offs after the goalless draw in Northern Ireland. Switzerland snatches a place in Group C.”

BBC: “Northern Ireland draws Italy to play-off matches”.

the sun: “A disaster for Italy! The European champions fail to qualify directly for the World Cup and are forced to play-off matches.”

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