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Preview: The Last Alchemist - What's the real reason behind the potions?  Find out in this chemistry management game

Preview: The Last Alchemist – What’s the real reason behind the potions? Find out in this chemistry management game

Anyone who has ever thrown a therapeutic potion into role-playing games might wonder where they all come from and what is behind them. If yes, answer this charming question The last alchemist This exact question puts you in the role of a chemist who has more than enough to do. Inspired by the French Revolution and published by Polish studio The Aged, The Last Alchemist will be released for PC. It is a third-person game with many building and management systems.

In the heretic world

Alchemy is a terrible new practice in Europe that should be feared and prohibited in the seventeenth century world. The Inquisition, a peerless group of legislators, stripped of power, condemns alchemy as heresy and intends to punish dangerous heretics. As an apprentice with a penchant for unbridled experiments, you must learn chemistry in a world that rejects it. Take the mantle of your ancient master and inherit the ancient Imperial Star Observatory – a laboratory equipped with all the wonders, mechanics, and knowledge you need to become the new Master Alchemist. And even if the intro looks very dark and dangerous now, the title is still very cool and colorful.

Chemistry with all scientific backgrounds

Test, transfer and convert. You roam the land extracting everything from the foods you collect, combining them and solving chemistry puzzles to get the properties you need for your chemistry work. These things can then make you run faster and jump higher, cause or cure diseases, or cause unknown effects. But always with the right amount of information about exactly what you’re collecting and how it should be used.
After all, a lot can happen during beta tests. It must make progress. The game is supposed to be a mix of Stardew Valley and Factorio, thus giving you some options to build and expand your camp. Whether it’s decorative objects or new ways to do a better search. Because your big goal is to build a village in the Swiss Alps with a follower and thus make a name for yourself as an alchemist.

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In addition, you share your lab with Agari. Mushroom-like beings, you don’t think much of humans, but over time they will be on your side as energetic workers to provide all kinds of help. Whether it’s moving heavy things or doing things that are annoying to you.

The last alchemist It should be a perfect fit for fans of mental models. It combines collecting, building and decorating with a nice dose of experimentation and a must early 2023 Access Steam early.