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Price Rising: Dogeday: How Twitter Users Want to Push Dogecoin Cryptocurrency Over a Magic Price Tag | Message

Cryptocommunity wants to create on April 20 as “Dogeday”

Short-term price goal: $ 0.69
Dogecoin is not achieving its target

“Weed Day”, “World Marijuana Day” is celebrated on April 20th. At the same time, the day is also considered informal ‘Elon Musk-Tag, which is being celebrated especially on Twitter with the hashtag #ElonMuskDay. But if some cryptocurrency enthusiasts think, this day might have an additional meaning: They are trying to create a “Dogeday” and have a specific goal of developing the price of the cryptocurrency at the spa that day.

Can Dogecoin make it more than $ 1?

In the short term, they want to push the coin above the $ 0.69 mark. Several memes have been posted by the Dogecoin fan base on Twitter to encourage the community to buy Dogecoin.

“We can do it, Dog Army,” is one of the slogans sent to the crypto community:

Some users are more optimistic and run the US dollar sign:

Dogecoin is on the rise

In fact, the $ 1 mark appears to be very ambitious at the moment, Dogecoin is currently trading in Coinmarketcap around $ 0.32, after rising to $ 0.42 in between. But if you look at developing other crypto assets, it becomes clear that the dog community will be on the path to success on April 20th. While the world’s largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin has come under great pressure in the past few days, and other digital currencies have lost their power within a week, Dogecoin has gained massively in value.

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Many cryptocurrency fans had hoped that Tesla boss Elon Musk, who is also informally spending the day on his private vacation on Twitter and who has spoken in favor of Dogecoin several times in the past, would have greatly helped the price of the e-currency, which was previously pictured as Spa coin, on its feet, is still officially pronounced “Dogeday”. This could give the currency an additional boost. So far, the Tesla boss has kept it from showing up. editorial team

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