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Infection numbers continue to decline moderately

Primary vaccination does not fully protect against the delta variant

Experts warn again about the delta variant and see more opening steps as “more important”. It can be assumed that the first vaccination does not provide complete protection.

Despite the low overall number of Covid-19 infections, the proportion of the delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 virus that was first detected in India is gaining ground in this country.

Experts warned

Looking to fall, APA’s molecular biologist Ulrich Elling said everything must be done to keep infections of the most contagious variant low and “win the race with vaccination.” Therefore, the obligation to test must be maintained for everyone who has not yet received the second vaccination.

“The delta variable becomes dominant”

The researcher, who works at the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology (IMBA) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW), is part of the coronavirus variant surveillance team through virus genetic analyzes along with colleagues on Luisa Cochella from the Institute for Molecular Pathology Research (IMP). . According to last week’s figures, the delta rate among new infections is about 25 percent, and the development suggests that a more contagious variant will be dominant in the next few weeks, according to Elling.

The first vaccination does not provide complete protection

It can be assumed that the first vaccination does not fully protect against delta infection. So everything must be done to ensure that the vaccination rate is high by the fall and that everyone gets the second sting if possible. In addition, one must prevent vaccinated people from transmitting the infection to others. Elling stressed the need to withdraw the release of this set of compulsory tests after a certain period of time in light of this situation, noting that the National Immunization Council (NIG) only recently shortened vaccination periods. The idea points in the same direction. The scientist believes that a discussion can also be held about compulsory vaccination with a goal beyond the summer.

Affected youth

Fortunately, Austria is currently protected from a broader escalation by a number of factors, such as an already high vaccination rate, high vaccine availability, a larger-than-expected seasonal impact, and approaching school holidays. After all, the rapidly growing numbers of deltas in Great Britain often affect young people. Ealing also sees the holiday season as “a poorly controlled window, because we’ll only know what people bring with them from their vacation when they get back.” The following variants of the original “wild type” such as Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta will no longer appear, as this has been completely deregistered. It is clear that new descendants of the more contagious species are also becoming increasingly contagious. For Elling, every returnee must do a PCR test.

fear of autumn

The expected, but smaller, delta wave could remain in the hillsides in the fall. Therefore, targeted information and vaccination campaigns are needed in populations where there is definitely no herd immunity, as in the less educated classes. A “massive educational work tailored to these groups of people” is required here. Waiting immune to pollution is costing human lives, according to Elling, who sees further facilitation, such as the opening of nightlife restaurants, “more than critical.” After all, Austria recently managed to virtually eliminate alpha and beta variants. The fact that delta is now increasing isn’t overly exciting, but it’s an obvious trend that shouldn’t be overlooked. Ultimately, an approach is needed that at least keeps the new variable constant.

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