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Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan: Less popular in America than Andrew

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan: Less popular in America than Andrew

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan: Opinion polls are falling

He’s currently working on a new start – Prince Harry (38) and his wife Duchess Meghan (41) could be his role models. After all, the couple built a new life in America and built a successful business structure far away from the royal family.

But Prince Andrew shouldn’t be too partial to the famous couple. Because although the Sussexes managed to free themselves from the royal family, their behavior caused great damage to their image, especially in Great Britain. In America, too, they seem to be increasingly unpopular – so much so that the disgraced Prince Andrew, according to a poll, ““She’s more famous now than the glamor couple in the US. She’s doing even better than Prince Harry in the UK.

Since December 2022, the couple’s poll numbers in the US have fallen sharply: Harry has lost 48 points to -10, and Meghan’s popularity has dropped 40 points to -17. Prince Andrew is at -2 despite the abuse scandal.

Things don’t seem to be going according to plan for Sussex

Recently, Sussex has been the target of the famous American animated series “Southpark”. The episode “The Worldwide Privacy Tour” satirized her lifestyle since leaving the royal family.

The poor ratings were attributed to the couple’s sensational Netflix documentary and Prince Harry’s memoir. Here the Sussexes once again made massive accusations against the British Royals.

The survey doesn’t reveal whether Americans are irritated by the same accusations or whether the public mudslinging is bad form — but it’s clear that many of the duo’s former supporters in the U.S. have already turned away from them. Personalities like Barack (61) and Michelle Obama (58) should be mentioned.

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TV host and LA pundit Nick Eden said in an interview that the Sussexes didn’t rank as well in Hollywood as they had hoped: “I think they came in thinking they were No. 1 in the neighborhood. But they really weren’t.”

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