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Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan: No peace before US return?

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan: No peace before US return?

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan
No peace before she returns to America?

There was an ice age between Harry, Meghan and the royals at the Queen’s state funeral.

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Harry and Meghan want to return to America as soon as possible. Will their dispute with the royal family be resolved early?

Will Prince Harry (38) and Duchess Meghan (41) reconcile with Prince William (40), Duchess Kate (40) and King Charles III before returning to America? (73) Shut up? According to CBS anchor Gayle King, 67, a friend of Duchess Meghan, apparently not.

Since Harry and Meghan stepped down as senior royals, they and Harry’s family have had a strained relationship. According to King, during the Queen’s state funeral last Monday (September 19) (1926-2022), “attempts were made on both sides” “to sort this out somehow”. She was quoted by the “DailyMail”. However, no compromises occurred.

King explains that large families are “always drama” and “tumultuous.” It remains to be seen whether the family members will be close again. “But I’ll tell you something, it was good to see Harry standing with his family,” King said.

No intimacy during the funeral

The royal family followed every turn of Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral. Harry and William didn’t look at each other or exchange words. Even during a subsequent service in which the two brothers’ wives, Meghan and Kate, were included, contact with each other was avoided.

Are Harry and Meghan already back with their kids?

Harry and Meghan have not been seen in public since the Queen’s funeral. It was recently suspected that the duo might want to return to the US in the near future as they haven’t seen their children Archie (3) and Lilibet (1) for about three weeks due to their stay in England. According to “DailyMail”, the couple may have already returned to their adopted home of Montecito.


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