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Prince Harry is back in America – no meeting with Charles and William

Prince Harry is back in America – no meeting with Charles and William

Prince Harry After the court hearing, he returned to America

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Prince Harry stayed in his home country for as short a time as possible. He had already made only one flying trip to the coronation.

Prince Harry, 38, is said to return to Montecito after attending the London trial. Like the British “Telegraph”. King Charles’ youngest son, 74, left the United Kingdom on Thursday afternoon, June 8, 2023 and landed in California in the evening.

Prince Harry stayed at Frogmore Cottage

For two days, the Duke of Sussex testified against Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) in the Supreme Court. Harry is a co-plaintiff and alleges that the publisher illegally obtained the information. For example, his phone malfunctioned. He appeared in court on June 6 and 7. He has spent three nights at Frogmore Cottage since Monday, the Telegraph reported. He lived there with his wife Duchess Meghan, 41.

Prince Harry is back in America – no meeting with Charles and William

Although the Adelaide cottage of her brother Prince William, 40, is just 700 meters away, she reportedly did not meet any family members during her stay. No time to exchange with his father. Like the Daily Mail Charles returned from his hiking holiday in Romania on June 6, but kept a busy schedule. In the evening he attended a mass at St James Roman Catholic Church in Marylebone. On Wednesday, Harry’s second day at court, the monarch was at Buckingham Palace for a military event. The prince wasted no time after attending the trial and quickly returned to his wife and two children.

Even during the coronation weekend in early May, the 38-year-old stayed in Great Britain for only a few hours and flew back immediately after the service.

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Was he the last to sleep at Frogmore Cottage?

The British media believe these were Harry’s last nights at Frogmore Cottage. Because Charles intends it for his 63-year-old disgraced brother Prince Andrew in the future. The Sussexes are said to have until early summer to move out of the property. However, the couple will not be returning to the UK until then, reports the Daily Mail.

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