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Prince Louis lost his finger on a 2023 Christmas card

Prince Louis lost his finger on a 2023 Christmas card

Tradition is very important to the British Royal Family. Fans can look forward to a Christmas card again this year. Heir to the throne prince William Established With his family for a black and white photo. William (41) and his wife Princess Kate (41) They wear light-colored shirts, and so do their children prince George (age 10), Princess Charlotte (age 8) and… prince Louis (5).

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Then the picture ended up directly on the front pages and electronic portals. One detail is particularly notable: Little Louis appears to be missing one of his middle fingers in the photo. Some users on social media suspect that the body part may fall victim to photo editing later. Others believe that the five-year-old is simply spreading his fingers. Thus the thumb will be behind the back of the chair. But there is also speculation on X (formerly Twitter) that something may have gone wrong with Lewis’ legs during the retouching process.

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The family appeared together on Friday at the event organized by Kate Christmas Carol’s Party Westminster Abbey in London – As in previous years, a special service was scheduled to be recorded at the church, which will be shown on television at Christmas. Two years ago, Kate surprised party guests with a piano performance.

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