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Prince William: The former butler believes he still has a lot to learn

Prince William: The former butler believes he still has a lot to learn

Prince William The former butler sees now as training for the heir to the throne

Prince William

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After King Charles was diagnosed with cancer, Prince William is taking on more responsibilities. The former royal butler is now confident he will “do a fantastic job”. However, the heir to the throne still has a lot to learn.

After Catherine, Princess of Wales, 42, underwent abdominal surgery, Prince William, 41, initially took a break to care for his wife and their children. He has now made another royal appearance, some on behalf of King Charles, 75, who took a step back after being diagnosed with cancer.

Prince William: 'He's still learning what's expected of him'

Grant Harold, 45, Charles's former butler, confirms on new web show Lord Byng's Royal Treatment that Prince William now has his “opportunity” to temporarily follow in his father's footsteps. “I think William will do a great job […]. People forget that he's in his 40s now. People still look at him as too young. But his grandmother was in her mid-twenties when she became queen. This is a young age. In comparison, William has much more experience in what he has already done.”

The heir to the throne is developing normally

However, it is a “big task” that the father-of-three now has to take on. “William would open up more in the coming months and years, it was a natural progression. During his studies at St Andrews and also initially when he was working as a helicopter pilot, he was not very visible to the public,” Harold explains, adding: “He was focused on his own life.” His career and his education. He has only taken on more royal duties in the last 10 years. I assume it is still a learning experience for him. He is still learning what is expected of him. […] “It's good training for him to give them an idea of ​​what it will be like to become a full-time employee one day.”

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