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Princess Victoria + Prince Daniel: This is what's behind the saucy photos in America

Princess Victoria + Prince Daniel: This is what's behind the saucy photos in America

Princess Victoria + Prince Daniel It's behind some of the rarest cub photos in America

Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel in San Francisco on February 19, 2024

© Dana Press

We've never seen Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel so deeply in love than they were during their recent trip to America. The photos that were released caused a sensation.

Last Monday, February 19, 2024, Princess Victoria, 46, and Prince Daniel, 50, embarked on a four-day trip through California. They made an official visit to the US to San Francisco, which included a visit to the city's landmark. The heir to the throne posed for the press in front of the Golden Gate Bridge and was unusually intimate.

Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel holding hands

While the royal couple is generally known to be very professional and poised, Daniel and Victoria were now seen holding hands and arms in front of the Red Bridge. The Swedish model couple may have wanted to support each other in the stormy weather in the seaside town, but royal expert Caroline Waghil has a different interpretation for the unusually relaxed pictures.

Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel visit the Golden Gate Viewpoint in San Francisco as part of an official visit to California

© Dana Press

“Cuddly pictures of the two of them on a trip,” he calls the photos “Se og Hør,” and says that Daniel and Victoria usually don't show their love publicly. “But luckily these are new times! It's very common among the younger generation, and our Crown Prince and Princess are setting a good example,” he said. People should be delighted to see the heir to the throne and her husband from such an accessible and personal side.

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Princess Madeleine has no time

Despite their fling across the pond, the couple has been critically noted not to stand with Victoria's sister Princess Madeleine, 41, who lives with her family in Florida. “Svensk Tomdinning” editor-in-chief Johan Lindvall believes that the reason for this is that the crown princess's schedule was too tight. A day after her return from America, she already had an appointment in her home country. “She wants to stay at home until February 23, when Princess Estelle's birthday will be celebrated and the Swedes' winter holidays are coming up,” he explained last week.

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