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Private Assets AG: Preliminary Group Results for 2021

Disclosure of Inside Information in accordance with Section 17 MAR

Hamburg (pta038 / 04/29/2022 / 11:35) – Private Assets AG presents preliminary batch numbers for fiscal year 2021 for the first time. For Private Assets AG, group numbers are the main parameter of economic development, and individual financial statement numbers are not very meaningful for assessing success.

According to preliminary figures, which are still subject to the reservation of various valuation approaches and the reservation of the final review, EBITDA of 7.1 million euros has been determined. Group sales amounted to 33.1 million euros, annual group sales amounted to 82.4 million euros, and the equity of the group at December 31, 2021, 10.6 million euros with total assets of 52.8 million euros, this corresponds to an equity ratio of 20%.

Previous year figures for comparison are not available due to first-time consolidation.

Hamburg, April 29 2022

The Commission


sender: Private Limited Assets
Brooke 1
20457 Hamburg
contact person: Sven Dobbers
Telephone: +49 40 37411022
email: [email protected]
exchanges: Duty free in Berlin
ISIN(s): DE000A3H2234 (STOCK)
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