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Profi-Tipps für Ihr Depot: Online-Seminar: Jede Rezession ist eine Kaufgelegenheit - Auf diese Faktoren schauen Experten

Pro tips for your warehouse: Webinar: Every recession is a buying opportunity – experts look at these factors | newsletter

Like it or not, recessions are part of the economic cycle, even if they are unpopular. Assets usually lose value during this time. But avoiding an economic downturn and not investing can be the wrong approach. Because some stocks are benefiting from the recession. You can find out what these are in Webinar on September 12th from 6pm.

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Basically, when stocks and indices are high, you buy expensive. If the prices are low, the entry is cheaper, and you get much more shares for the same amount of money. So the recession is a good time to buy shares in exciting companies. So you can take advantage of higher prices after your recession fruit A significant increase.

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Simon Westendorf, Head of Equity Management at Bellevue Asset Management (Deutschland) GmbH and Director of StarCapital Equity Value Plus, explains in webinarIn this article, how stock experts are progressing now, where the pitfalls lie and which stocks are particularly benefiting from the post-recession recovery.

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Simon Westendorf He has been part of the active investment strategies team as a Portfolio Manager since 2018 and has headed Equity Management since 2021. He is also responsible for StarCapital Equity Value Plus and has a significant influence on the further development of the investment process at Bellevue Asset Management (Deutschland) GmbH. Previously he worked at Deutsche Bank and DWS for two years.

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