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Problems with Autopilot: Tesla recalls 2 million cars

Problems with Autopilot: Tesla recalls 2 million cars

Tesla must apply the software update to 2 million cars in the USA.

American electric car manufacturer Tesla was forced to recall two million cars in the United States due to problems with Autopilot. The background is that there are no mechanisms to ensure that the driver always pays attention to traffic, the US traffic regulator NHTSA announced on Wednesday. To resolve the issue, Tesla will install a software update.

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The supervisory body has been examining Tesla’s functionality for more than two years and is now recalling almost all Tesla cars sold in the USA. In August, the acting head of NHTSA said it was critical that driver monitoring systems take into account people’s overreliance on technology.

Incidents as a catalyst for investigation

If Tesla Autopilot is active, the vehicles regulate their speed autonomously as long as they stay in the same lane. And with the expanded autopilot function, you can also change lanes. It is not a function that enables autonomous driving, but rather a driving assistance system – even if the name suggests otherwise.

Tesla said it does not share the agency’s view but will change the program to include additional security measures. It is unclear whether the vehicles should also be recalled in other countries.

The investigation was triggered by a series of incidents in which the autopilot was active. Among other things, Tesla cars crashed into parked ambulances; Some accidents led to people losing their lives. Tesla’s Autopilot is also a court case: In October, Tesla took public enforcement action related to its self-driving car (FSD) software and Autopilot. According to an October 2022 Reuters report, investigations also revolve around the question of whether Tesla can advertise that electric cars can drive themselves. (Abba)

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