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Project 007: IO Interactive has big plans for Bond

Project 007: IO Interactive has big plans for Bond

Almost exactly three years ago, IO Interactive announced that it would be developing a game set in the James Bond universe. But since November 2020, the project has been very quiet. The studio still doesn’t have any new information, but the studio head certainly shows big ambitions for the brand.

In an interview with British magazine EDGE, IO Interactive CEO Hakan Abran said that the studio has long-term plans for the brand. Naturally, he expressed himself in a completely ambiguous way, and did not speak directly about his successors. But IO Interactive says it wants to make more James Bond games rather than just Project 007.

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He would like players to look back at the series after a few titles and remember it as an exciting ride. He adds that the in-house Hitman series could serve as a model for multi-part releases. However, Abran also explained that this would be a “dream, a vision.” So nothing is ready to announce yet.

If any of you are now feeling a little panicked that IO Interactive is just trying to make a quick buck with Project 007 and other Bond games, Abran wants to reassure you. According to him, the developers treat production with the necessary respect. This is also probably why we haven’t heard anything new about the title in three years.

Overall, IO Interactive is really smart in withholding information about Project 007. All we really know is that it’s not taking the story of a movie, but instead telling its own story with the famous British secret agent.

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Project 007 – Teaser

The makers of Hitman at IO Interactive are dedicating themselves to the new action game about James Bond, which currently has the working title Project 007.