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Protecting the climate is protecting the species: that's why swamps and other wetlands are so important

Protecting the climate is protecting the species: that’s why swamps and other wetlands are so important

Against species extinction at your doorstep

More and more habitats are disappearing in nature: According to figures from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), between 1970 and 2010, biodiversity worldwide declined by 52 percent. Species extinction in full swing in Germany. Everyone can do something to help the local animals.

An example of a car-free settlement in Cologne

Residents already largely work without cars and want to do more to better equip their residential area to protect the climate and preserve biodiversity. Five examples of how residents want to make their car-free settlement more climate-friendly.

Climate protection in everyday life

Weather and climate expert Bernd Fox is often asked: “Tell me, Bernd: What can I do for the climate? What really helps? What brings the most?” That’s why he has times 5 tips for all situations in life In short, each of us can make a difference with it.

Climate protection petition: Make the season a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Cologne Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as are the Wadden Sea in the North Sea, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. The common denominator between them is that they are among the most important things left to us by man and nature and therefore deserve protection. Will the four seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, as we know and love them in our part of the world, now also be placed under the protection of the Monument?

Inventions for Climate Protection: Simply Beat Climate Change with New Technology

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Perhaps the solution to the climate crisis lies simply in developing new technologies? There is vital research in geoengineering. Bernd Fox uses an example to show how clever geoengineering can be. But also how geoengineering creates new problems.

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