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Provocation or truth? Pasta carbonara is said to have originated in America

There are theses that need to be carefully scrutinized before they are published. This includes Alberto Grandi, a professor of nutritional history at the University of Burma, who shocked the culinary world by claiming that the recipe for pasta carbonara came from America.

According to Grandi, the rejection of Italians in Rome as “nonsense” is historically documented: “The first recipe was published in Chicago in 1953. Many Italians moved to America, so practically all Italian food is Italian-American. .”

The controversy comes at a time when it has just become known that Giorgia Meloni and her government, which pursues nationalistic policies in many areas, want Italian cuisine to be inscribed on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

According to Grandi, the modern pizza with tomato sauce and mozzarella didn’t come from Naples, but from New York, appearing in the first pizzeria in the Big Apple in 1911.

A response to Meloni’s application is not expected before 2025.

The original recipe is carbonara

Contrary to popular belief, carbonara in its original version contains only three ingredients: egg yolk, guanciale bacon, and pecorino cheese.

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