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PSG beat Juventus Torino - and still loses group win thanks to amazing scenario at Benfica

PSG beat Juventus Torino – and still loses group win thanks to amazing scenario at Benfica

The hosts from Turin started the game better. The team coached by Massimiliano Allegri was surprisingly relaxed and offensive. Manuel Locatelli scored his first dangerous shot from close range in the eighth minute of the match.

However, it didn’t take long for Paris to get out of the first pressure phase. After about a quarter of an hour, Kylian Mbappe left Juventus defender Federico Gatti on the left offensive side and hit the ball with a great feeling into the right corner of the goal (min. 13). But Juventus did not give up and then fired dangerous shots from the second row through Locatelli (17) and Juan Cuadrado (22).

Then the hosts rewarded themselves five minutes before the end of the first half. After a sensitive cross from Locatelli, Juan Cuadrado headed the ball to the back post of defender Leonardo Bonucci, who put the ball into the goal from close range (41). So he deservedly went to the cabins with a draw.

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With Benfica simultaneously advancing in Haifa, PSG had to change pace in the second half to secure the top of their group. In fact, the French improved and had increasingly fewer opportunities.

In the 69th minute, Mbappe sent Nuno Mendes, who had just entered as a substitute, to the left side. The quick winger was victorious in an ongoing duel with Cuadrado and goalkeeper Chesney did not give any chance with a powerful shot.

Juventus tried to recover but found it very difficult to create chances after falling behind. Locatelli scored for Juventus to equalize, but they were punished for offside after a shot earlier (78).

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So I stayed with the renewed 2-1 win for the Parisians over Juventus. Juventus continues to occupy the third position in the European League. Benfica’s 6-1 win over Maccabi Haifa dropped PSG to second in the group in overtime. The two teams have the same number of points after six games, tied 1-1 twice and have the exact same goal difference.

However, Benfica scored more goals away from home than PSG.

Comments about the game:

Massimiliano Allegri (Juventus coach): “I played with good players, albeit with a little international experience. We played well, and it’s a pity the result. We are in the Europa League, and tomorrow it’s about the championship. On the one hand, we should be satisfied, because we got to the Europa League, and on the one hand We should be angry because this exclusion cannot go away.”

Kylian Mbappe (Paris Saint-Germain): “We qualified. We wanted to win the group, but that’s football. We were a little confused, a bit uncertain, but the Champions League and winning is always the most important thing. I’m happy I scored a goal I’m happy we won. We’ll have to see what The lottery brings him.”

Christophe Gaultier (Paris Saint-Germain coach): “First of all, congratulations to Benfica. I have to congratulate my team and my team as well. We beat Juventus twice and were happy until the 92nd minute. But if you want to go far in this competition you have to beat the big teams. We have to beat them Wait for the draw and see who We’ll get to the round of 16.”

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Tweet about the game:

Due to Benfica’s 6-1 win over Haifa at the same time, the Parisians’ narrow victory in Turin was only enough for second place in Group H. Portugal’s sixth goal came before the end of stoppage time.

It was noticeable: Juventus walked on the gums

The result of the group is not good for the big Italian club. The performance in the last round against the Parisians is a conciliatory outcome. Torino definitely deserves a draw. However, it was notable that Juventus suffered greatly from the lack of staffing. After a 2:1 goal for the guests, there is a lack of fresh spirit that could have revived the team.

number 40

With his goal to make the score 1-0, Kylian Mbappe set another record for himself. The star is now the youngest player in Champions League history to score 40 goals.

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