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"Psychologically, it was too much for me."

“Psychologically, it was too much for me.”

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Separation is difficult. When people break up, feelings are usually hurt before, trust relationships are shaken, or mistakes are dealt with too late. Separations rarely go smoothly from the stage, and old wounds hurt for a long time after the first injury. Sometimes the breakups aren’t the end, but just the beginning of a chain of changes.

Kalypso Media has had to go through a number of splits in recent years. According to research by GameStar, at least 30 people have left the company, which currently employs more than 170 people worldwide, in the past five years – most of them turning their backs on its headquarters in Worms, Rhineland-Palatinate.

“The caleb I knew at first is no longer there. It’s all upside down now.”says a woman who has known Calypso for many years and does not want to publish her real name.

In 2021, Kalypso celebrated its 15th anniversary and honored 25 employees who have been loyal to the publisher or affiliate company for more than a decade. However, some former employees refer to the awards as “greenwashing,” which means the reality is quite different.