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Psychology: 3 Love Reflections That Poison Every Relationship

Psychology: 3 Love Reflections That Poison Every Relationship

psychology 3 toxic thoughts of love

Psychology: Thoughts and doubts can sometimes cause harm in love

Of course, we all often think about the partnership and its defining points in a relationship — but above all, the three types of constant thinking can destroy even the strongest of bonds.

If the love is new, critical thoughts don’t stand a chance: Both partners are usually thrilled about their new relationship and enjoy every second they spend together. But the better you get to know each other, the more often the first points will arise that cause less enthusiasm in everyday life. For many people, a relationship often starts with a constant question: Is everything really as perfect as I want it to be? Does my partner fully satisfy my desires?

Psychology: 3 thoughts that poison love

Critically questioning your relationship is important, of course; After all, there are enough partnerships that are characterized by narcissism and manipulation and they must end with a sober look at life together. But sometimes it is the everyday little things that make the head spin and lead to long-standing suspicions that can destroy even strong love over time. In the video you can see which reflections do more harm than good in a partnership.

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