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Psychology: 3 things that will make you permanently rich and satisfied

Psychology: 3 things that will make you permanently rich and satisfied

Three things that make you rich in contentment

Psychology: True satisfaction is different from the constant pursuit of supposed happiness.

There is more to wealth than just money: here you will learn three measures that can help you become rich with balance and happiness.

The search for happiness can be extremely exhausting: everywhere you go, you are promised that you can be very happy if you work hard enough to achieve it. There's enough to do: recite mantras, keep a gratitude journal, study happiness guides – and yet, in the end, life has its own plans anyway. It's easy to end up in a happiness trap and constantly ask yourself: Why am I not already on cloud nine if I'm already trying so hard?

Psychology: This is how you become “rich in contentment”

The good news? You don't have to feel extremely happy all the time to live a fulfilling life. Researchers say that a richly fulfilled life is more fulfilling than an eternal search for quick happiness. It's not about the perfect Instagram story or checking off items on your bucket list, it's about being open to new things and all the ups and downs that life brings with it.

Sustainably fulfill rather than permanently stress

But be careful, the new wave of contentment is not a free pass to completely ignore all needs. It's not about ignoring your desires and goals. On the contrary: by leaving the constant pursuit of happiness behind, we can focus much better on what really matters. We gain emotional depth and experience moments of calm, which in turn help us see more clearly. This inner peace allows us to deal with challenges with a certain level of calm. So when we stop constantly longing for an unattainable state of happiness, we make room for true, deep contentment. A “fulfilling” life brings us not only serenity, but also the ability to shape and enjoy our lives.

Three tips to become permanently satisfied

interesting? Then we have three tips for you on how to achieve a whole new level of serenity and contentment in life—without letting the search for superficial moments of happiness pressure you. You can see in the video how you can boost your sense of satisfaction.

Source used: Psychology Today


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