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Psychology: 5 reasons why people feel more comfortable alone

Psychology: 5 reasons why people feel more comfortable alone

Social isolation
These five reasons make many people want to quit

Sometimes a social retreat is important to regain your power.

Some people like to be alone and live a socially isolated life. Sometimes this happens consciously, but it can also be the behavior of others that is a trigger.

Everyone needs moments alone from time to time. Regardless of whether they need time to process difficult situations or arguments or simply want to pursue their own thoughts without disturbance: many people prefer to live a more socially isolated life. Psychologists at the University of Buffalo have now identified five different reasons that could lead to this.

Social withdrawal: 5 triggers that could be responsible for it

Why people prefer to spend time alone can have many different reasons. Sometimes the desire for independence is paramount, while others are simply shy. In the video we explain five common reasons that can lead to social withdrawal.

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