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Puls24 today with two live games!  – Hockey –

Puls24 today with two live games! – Hockey –

The Ice Hockey Festival continues at PULS 24. The third match of the quarter-final series between the Vienna Capitals and KAC can be watched on Sunday from 5:10 pm. Next up: The National Hockey League “Heritage Classic” game Toronto Maple Leafs vs Buffalo Sabers.

Sunday’s Long Ice Hockey at PULS 24 will be a good seven hour live stream, starting at 5:10 p.m. With the Ice Hockey League playoffs winning one day. Vienna Capitals welcomes KAC to the third match of the quarter-finals in Vienna-Kagran. In the “Best of Seven” series, she is currently 1:1.

Right after that comes the big NHL showdown – the “Heritage Classic” straight from the football field in Hamilton, Ontario. More than 40,000 die-hard fans will watch the Toronto Maple Leafs play against the Buffalo Sabers, the former club of Thomas Vanek, in the home of ice hockey. PULS 24 presents large studio productions for this iconic event, commentator Martin Pfanner is supported by experts Greg Holst and Reinhard Divis and the guest in the studio will be Lyle Seitz, ICE win2day hockey league director of hockey operations and former NHL referee

win2day ICE Hockey League Qualifiers:
Sposo Vienna Capitals – KAC
Sunday at 5:10pm LIVE on PULS 24

PULS 24 hockey team:
Commentator: Chris Bauer
Expert: Theri Hornich
Field Reporter: Lucas Capone

NHL Heritage Classic:
Buffalo Sabers vs Toronto Maple Leafs
Sunday right after the ICE Qualifiers live on PULS 24

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PULS 24 hockey team:
Commentator: Martin Pfanner
Experts: Greg Holst and Reinhard Davis
Studio guest: Lyle Seitz, CDM / Blende47