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Putin is looking for a decision before Kyiv

Putin is looking for a decision before Kyiv

The Ukrainian resistance surprises the attackers, but their own problems also hinder them. And the Russian army is more aggressive, accelerating its offensive, encircling the capital Kyiv and preparing for victory on the southeastern front.

helicopters crashed into the Dnieper reservoir near Kyiv; The tanks stopped and turned in front of the demonstrators on one of the village streets; Soldiers looting a supermarket. A missile hits cities and a convoy of more than 60 km full of tanks, rifles and trucks: such photos show that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is not proceeding as quickly as the Moscow military planners expected. It seems that the bitter resistance of the Ukrainians surprised the attackers.

The Russian military seems to be responding to this with more aggressiveness. In any case, it turned out that the Russians are getting close to their military targets in the north and southeast of Ukraine. Large reserve units are now bolstering pressure on the Belarusian capital, Kyiv, west of the Dnieper River, which was stuck in front of the northern and western edges of the city: satellite images show the aforementioned huge tank column, the head of which was near the end of Hostomil Airport outside Kyiv.

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