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Putin opens new warships

Putin opens new warships

Today, Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the inauguration ceremony of several new warships, including a submarine capable of launching nuclear missiles. Putin, who attended via video conference, announced the production of more ships and praised the capabilities of the Russian Navy.

The Kremlin chief said that Russia will “accelerate and expand the construction of ships of various types and equip them with the latest weapons systems.” “In short, it is about doing everything to ensure Russia’s security and our national interests in the world’s seas,” the president added.

A series of setbacks in Ukraine

Putin, who has been in power in Russia for nearly 23 years, has made modernizing Russia’s armed forces one of his priorities.

The armed forces are equipped with advanced missiles, among which there are hypersonic missiles, new ships and, most importantly, tanks. However, reconstruction is costly and frequently delayed due to technical difficulties and cases of corruption.

Despite modernization, the Russian army is still considered inadequately equipped and poorly organized. It has suffered a series of setbacks in its military offensive in Ukraine.

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